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If you're looking for down payment assistance, you've come to the right place. As a potential first time home buyer, you know the sacrifices made to save sufficient money to make a down payment on a home. For some, it seems impossible to even begin to save enough cash without some form of down payment help, much less saving that money in the time necessary to take advantage of today's low mortgage rates.

Unfortunately, many individuals simply have no idea where to turn to get accurate and reliable down payment assistance information. That's why we created this unique grant and charity directory to help thousands and thousands of home buyers purchase their first home with a streamlined process of applying for, and obtaining, some form of down payment help. (See what other visitors just like you had to say)

Please don't forget, we want and need your feedback! This is a FREE resource that has served millions of visitors by providing help in locating real down payment assistance programs. It is UP TO YOU to let us know when down payment resource information needs updated. If you don't find the city or county resource that can help you, again, let us know. Please be very specific whenever you find grant information that needs updating so we know exactly what down payment program to research and update for future visitors.

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So, whether or not this is the first time, or the fifth time you've purchased a home, there are many home buyer assistance resources available to help individuals and families with a down payment. People just like you.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

So, who is a first time home buyer? A first time home buyer is defined as an individual, who has not had an ownership interest in a home within the last three years. If you fit this definition, you might be eligible for a home buyer grant. Even if you don't, you can find hundreds of charity organizations that are listed here ready and able to help you achieve your dreams of home ownership with financial assistance.

In closing, all of the down payment information on this site is FREE for your use. We make no effort to hide any of the programs or resources. See what other visitors are saying about Down Payment Solutions™!

To learn more about these assistance programs, just follow the links that interest you.

Grant & Charity Organizations can add or update program information Here. Please help us keep this information up to date for the benefit of our visitors.

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