About Down Payment Help

Down Payment Solutions™ was created to help prospective home buyers find the best information on down payment assistance programs, home loan options, mortgage lenders, and other home buying resources.

Unlike many other down payment sites you may find, we try our best to include very down payment assistance program available. We maintain resource information on over 1000 down payment assistance programs that are accessible to everyone.  This helps save you time from having to browse through several websites in order to learn about the different options that may exist to you.

What’s the best part? Most people can qualify for a home buyer assistance program of some type.

How programs are used depend on the experience of mortgage lenders and real estate agents who understand how these programs work. If you are looking for down payment assistance, and have not yet decided on a mortgage company, we would be happy to connect you with a mortgage lender that is highly experienced at helping home buyers see what assistance they qualify for.

You, the home buyer, shouldn’t miss valuable opportunities for not having all the answers you need. We want you to succeed and we are to help you access the best information possible. For this reason, our site contains a growing wealth of home buyer information, and we hope you can find the best assistance available to you.

The best place to start is to select your state from the left side menu, and view the locally offered programs. If you are not currently working with a real estate agent or mortgage company, it is advise to get expert help. We work closely with real estate agents and mortgage lenders around the country, who would be able to assist you in learning more about down payment assistance and the home buyer process.

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