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October 30, 2004 — 2/3 of our wealth is wrapped up in Real Estate, property value exceeds our entire supply of gold and greenbacks by far, and the value of mortgages, trust deeds and land contract exceeds the value of all stocks and bonds!

There are now 275 million and by 2010 there are predicted to be 300 million people in the United States. The era of the wide-open frontier and seemingly unlimited supply of free or cheap land is long gone and prices have increased overall at a steady beat since 1968.

The concept of the home mortgage is fairly new, many can afford a house that actually don’t have the money to buy it. Which brings us to the subject of leverage. Most Americans are 90 days away from bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is at an all-time high because people loose their jobs, can’t make payments on their home, the bank forecloses after 90 days. Bingo! I called our local bank and asked if someone is out of a job, but has a lot of equity in their home, can they take a loan to make the house payments? They laughed me out the door!

So if you owe any money on your home at all, it would be wise to take the largest loan possible while you still have a job, put it into a savings account that brings interest to offset the loan cost or better, and then if you have to pay a college tuition, major medical expenses or heavens forbid loose your job, you can still make the payments and don’t go belly up. Not only that, the interest on your home loan is tax deductible, while any principal paid on your home is not.

It is like putting money under your mattress, except the money in your home is impossible to get back out when you really need it, except when you are a senior citizen and can make use of a reverse mortgage.

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I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in Montana and Wyoming and over the 16 months I have sold over 11 million worth in Real Estate. I am looking forward to hearing from you, I do enjoy being a buyer’s agent as much as being a seller’s agent! As your buyer’s or seller’s agent I donate 1% of my commission to the charity of YOUR choice, 1% to the local Boys and Girls Club and 1% goes into a scholarship fund for our High School children, which is matched by the Beartooth Flight Center (Red Lodge Airport – KRED).

Author: Dorthea Lowe
Website: Www.Montanahereicome.Com
E-Mail: DorotheaLowe@Vcn.Com

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