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Like any industry, this site competes with many different organizations for your attention. As our primary goal is to help home buyers and those in need of some form of down payment assistance, we have decided to highlight some of our more popular quality competitors in the industry.

501c3 Charity Organizations

AmeriDream ® – One of the most nationally recognized Down Payment Assistance and Community Development Organizations, AmeriDream®, Inc. provides thousands of home buyers with assistance through many outlets. They have partnerships nationwide to assist home buyers of every level to become home owners. A top notch high quality organization which believes in community and individual prosperity and we are very proud to list in this competitor directory.

Newsong Home Buyers Assistance ® – Is a registered 501c3 organization designed to provide down payment assistance using funds contributed by the sellers. In the past these applications were administered within the organization and they were an exceptionally high quality resource. Today, as of this writing, applying leads to a “ServiceMagic®” application page so we’re unsure as to the status of this organization or what actually occurs with the applications submitted.

Nehemiah Program ® – Established in 1997, the Nehemiah Corporation is a 501c3 Not-For-Profit organization using seller contributions to assist home buyer with down payment money. They focus on affordable housing and community development and are a great well established home buyer resource.

Partners In Charity ® – Is another 501c3 Not-For-Profit organization. Unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient information on them other than they are a very popular resource using seller contributions to assist home buyers with a down payment.

Realty America ® – This is a new player in the 501c3 Not-For-Profit organizations, based out Florida. It appears it may be a Realtor® backed organization, but at this time that is not known as fact. They utilize the seller contributions to assist home buyers with down payment funds necessary for closing on a home loan.

Popular Government Grant Programs:

Alabama Online Resource ® – Is a true grant resource for the state of Alabama. They have been meeting these needs since 1980 and are a statewide organization for housing development needs of the poor.

City Of Longmont – Offer true grant money for the purchase of a home within the City of Longmont Colorado only.

New York City – This a true grant money program for the City of New York offering up to 10,000 dollars to qualified residence of the city of New York.

City Of Westminster – Offering true grant money for City of Westminster Colorado residence who qualify based upon median income guidelines.

City Of Orlando – Orlando Florida residence can find grant money using the City of Orlando’s low income housing program.

Florida Housing Corporation ® – This is a statewide organization using bond money and preferred lenders to help low income families to purchase a home throughout the state of Florida.

First Time Home Buyer Resources:

Buying A Home By HUD – HUD is a great resource for first time home buyers to refer to for anything you could want to know about buying a home.

Our Family Place ® – A great online resource for home buyers wanting information on the purchase of home.

Estate Mortgage Group ® – Offer a free online E-Book for first time home buyers and we highly recommend free books. The site is run by a mortgage lenders, but we do recommend the free resources.

Other Important Links for down payment assistance and first time home buyers:

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