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Straight Talk:

Deciding whether to use a Realtor® or purchase a home for sale by owner is the most important decision you need to make. Depending on the amount of money you have to put down, it can be the difference between getting a contract on that dream home and getting a contract on your 10th choice.

Using a Realtor® has many advantages. They typically have a great deal of market knowledge and contract experience in addition to having intimate knowledge of Real Estate Law for your state. They’re also professional negotiators that can help you work out the contract with a seller. Rather than spout off about the benefits of a Realtor®, you can simply go to Realtor.Com and let them spout off about themselves.

So, lets point out some REAL drawbacks with Realtors®

A Realtor® will typically no longer drive you from house to house for days on end. This ended when Realtors® started getting targeted by criminals (remember, many agents are women) and the cost of gas became more and more expensive. The norm now is to actually e-mail listings with addresses for you to look at. Once they know you like a house, then they will meet you at the property to show it.
A Realtor® is a buffer between you and the seller. This means, you have no opportunity to build a relationship with the seller. If you need help from a seller to close, you have no sympathy from a seller that doesn’t know you from “Adam”. This is especially so with a Listing Agent telling the seller they have two more contracts behind yours.
Realtors® are expensive buggers to the Sellers. They are paid only by the seller and cost 6 to 7% of the sales price in the transaction which is paid only when YOU close. This Realtor® commission of 6% is something you could have for your own use VS lining the pocket of a Realtor®.
A Realtor® works for you and works to protect your interest. NOT. Unless you have a exclusive buyers agent, a Realtor® works for themselves and their interest. The more expensive a home you buy, the higher their commission..and yes, they definitely want you to close! Cash is a big motivation!
A Realtor® wants you to believe you can’t find that great home without them. The fact is, virtually every home for sale in the US is listed somewhere online or in an advertisement. If all a Realtor® is going to do is e-mail you listings, who says you can’t look for them yourself. Who knows better what you’re looking for than you?


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