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I Can't

In life there will always be obstacles and more often than not, people that tell you that "You Can't" for whatever reason they create. We only have control over our own actions and decisions, however we can influence those around us in how we approach our goals.

Most of us learn the "I Can't" mentality early in life.

We could go on and on as there is no end to the reasons for an "I Can't" mentality. Whether someone says it's the color of your skin or the quality of your education, there will always be those around you, some of them our closest family members, that will tell you why you can't ever achieve a dream. The minute you begin to believe them, you will have stepped into the "I Can't" way of life.

The reality is, life is what WE choose to make it. Apart of life is setting goals and reaching to attain them. Understand, no one, lets repeat this, No One said success was easy. No matter what you apply yourself to in life, there is no promise of easy, and no promise of fast.

One of my friends I like to point out, has spent 20 years working for "convenience" stores as a cashier. We often talked about where she is in her life and doing more. As "fate" would have it, she lost her job at her most recent convenience store. After moping around for several weeks, I had a talk with her. A week later she landed a job which doubled her income, and it certainly wasn't at another convenience store.

When talking about it, she said it must have been "Fate" that I was to have been placed in this position. I kindly corrected her, "There is not a fate, there is opportunity. We create those opportunities through action. If we wait around for something to happen, the odds that it will are slim to none and none is definitely in the lead. By taking action, you created your own opportunity." As a christian, I believe it's no different than praying to God every night asking for money to solve your financial troubles, then waking up every morning and spending the day watching TV. If you do not create the opportunities, how can you expect God to answer your prayers? You cannot be rewarded with his many blessings without the deeds.

Realize this, almost all of us will never succeed in our goals without failing first. Ever! At some point, we will almost always achieve failure in our goals first, and this is where the "I Can't" mentality can take over and steal from you the very things that bring blessings to many through out this great country. Excuses are easy, doing is hard.

There is only "I Will". We create our own "I Can't" the minute we say "I will" accept that "I Can't".

To succeed, you must first believe in you and your own ability to achieve your goals. Once you can believe in yourself in both heart and mind, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you apply your desire and mind to it.

Failure is success, success comes from failure. Without failure we cannot learn how to succeed. If we fear failure we are fearing the very success we desire. True failure in life only comes when we believe we can't achieve something. Not because we've failed over and over, but because we believed those that have sowed the seeds of "I Can't" in our life. I know, I have lived every word of this!

I have made millions for others by ignoring those that have told me "I Can't" achieve that goal doing things my way. I have purchased homes when others told me "I Can't". I have purchased and paid off new luxury cars many only dream of when those around me said "I Can't". I have succeeded in my life despite a "C" average and High School Education when all of those around me said "I Can't". I have started and succeeded in business when those around me said "I Can't". I was 2003 Business Man of the Year not because of those that told me all my life "I Can't" but because I have always believed "I Will".

I am here to tell you, you can achieve your goals in life doing things the right way, but you must stop believing those that plant the seeds of "I Can't". Like many of you, I come from a single family, and had the best view of the interstate you'd ever want to see running literally right through the back yard. I know poor. I've lived it, and it is no excuse for "I Can't".

You must be willing to fail, willing to sacrifice, and welcome it with open arms. You must learn from your failures and get back up, put together a new plan and be ready to fail again and again. I assure you, in life, success will always follow failure. You simply must be willing to fail to achieve your success.

Be prepared by Learning, Planning, and Failing. Then, and only then, can you succeed!

Never "I Can't" .... Always "I Will"

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