You And Your Credit

Straight Talk:

One of the most valuable financial resources you have is your credit. It is our “picture” to the financial world on how we, in a given moment in time, handle our obligations.

Excellent credit can in fact affect your job opportunities, the type of car you drive, the amount of interest you pay, your car insurance rate and many other issues. The most important one, is the wide measure of financial flexibility it affords those who maintain higher than average credit.

I have a friend that was denied a promotion to an Assistant Manager job with the Hess Gas Station for the sole reason of bad credit as a result of an on going messy divorce. This is tragedy. It is not just about being qualified to do a job any longer, it is about the risk employers must take with individuals who are financially unstable.

Sometimes, things outside of our control happen. It’s a part of life. A loss of job, can result in mounting credit card debts, unexpected medical expenses can result in unpaid medical bills, there is simply no shortage of legitimate reasons for credit problems that arise. The key is planning so you protect your credit when difficult times occur.

So lets start here and see what we can do to insure you protect not just your credit but your doors of opportunity.


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