Should I Buy A Manufactured Home

Todays manufactured home is not the same one your mother told you about. They are sleek, beautiful and offer a wide range of options any home buyer would love. Todays manufacture standards for manufactured homes are actually more stringent than the traditional “Stick Built” a/k/a block home. Much of this is thanks to hurricane standards which have really required significant improvement in the design and materials used in the manufacturing process.

So the question is, should you buy a manufactured home? Much depends upon your tastes. A manufactured home can offer the same amount of square footage and options for a significantly lower cost. This allows moderate to low income families an opportunity to own a home that will meet the needs of the family and are indeed actually designed to last a lifetime when taken care of.

Manufactured homes can be financed using traditional loan products offered by Fannie Mae, VA and HUD at very competitive interests rates. The primary drawback to buying a manufactured home is the lack of appreciation the home will experience versus its traditional brother. Much of this is due to a reputation created by past quality issues.

However, weighing the benefits versus the risks, a manufactured home can in fact be the most ideal home of choice for many home buyers who want more for less.

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