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You’ve got your whole life planned around the closing of your new home. Have you stopped to ask yourself “What happens if something happens to me?” If you’re married with children have you thought about your spouse or the kids or sisters and brothers?

These huge decisions are faced by all of us. I want to encourage you from my own personal experience, when money allows you should really consider, especially with children and a spouse, looking hard at the benefits third party programs can have. Much will really depend upon your means as to whether these options make sense for you and your family.

However, even if it is something you look at after you’ve purchased and your budget is in place, I want to highly recommend you do look to protect your family and your investment. Disability and Death both happen all around us. They happen to people we know, to people we have met, and at some point we have to face the fact they can happen to us or someone we love.

Protect them when you can with a low cost plan. The investment, Vs. the devastating loss of not only a loved one, but everything our lives are built around, can add misery to the tragedy our loved ones have already experienced.

I want to recommend you speak with an independent agent, maybe the same agent you speak to concerning your home owner policy, for long term protection of all your assets.

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