FHA Application Checklist

You should have a copy of your social security card and drivers license for all borrowers. In addition, referring to your application, you should have a list of landlord contact details and employer contact details for everyone applying.

The remaining documentation will support the information you supplied on your credit application itself and your credit report.

Using the FHA Check List as a guide, you will need the following additional documents:

  1. 90 Days bank statements for ALL of the accounts (checking, savings, money market etc.) listed on your credit application.
  2. The last quarterly statements for all retirement accounts or any other asset based accounts listed that report quarterly.
  3. Your last 30 days pay stubs for all borrowers.
  4. W-2’s or 1099’s for the last two tax years.
  5. If any borrower is SELF EMPLOYED you will need all tax return documents to support your 1099’s.
  6. If you have had credit issues, write a letter of explanation and sign it.
  7. If you filed bankruptcy within the last 7 years, you will need a copy of the bankruptcy papers and your discharge.
  8. If you are presently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you need a letter of approval from your trustee in order to purchase a home.
  9. You need proof you are receiving child support. A child support order and a printout of the last 12 months should be provided. You can get this from your local court house. Child support must continue for at least 3 years for it to be used for qualifying.
  10. You need your award letter for any Social Security benefit you may be using as proof of income. The benefit must continue for 3 years for it to be used for qualifying.
  11. If you are self employed and own a business, you need to include a copy of your business license and a year to date P&L statement signed by your accountant and by you.
  12. If your rent is paid to an individual rather than a company, you will need to provide proof of payment for the last 12 months. This can include copies of checks or money orders or written signed receipts from your landlord.

Make copies of all of these documents. If using a down payment assistance program make two copies. Be sure to review the assistance program for additional documentation they may require that a lender, broker, banker won’t need.

That’s It! You now have a complete loan application package ready to submit to whomever you choose.

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