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Down Payment Assistance Programs

FHA & Conventional Down Payment Money

You can use this process to get your 3% required down payment for FHA or Conventional Down Payment Money, or use this function to get your LTV (loan to value) below 80% without doing two loans. It's all structure and planning before you contract, before you make an offer. A good Realtor® will get you there. A great Lender/Broker will close the deal.

If you can, always attempt to negotiate seller concessions. Never be afraid to ask for the maximum amount. Most Lenders allow up to 6% and that's 6% you don't have to worry about. It's not as hard as you think, even in a sellers market.

Remember, structure - structure - structure - risk - risk - risk. Know your needs, and build your "Deal" around your contract. You will be amazed at what you can do!

Government Assistance:

Government Assistance is a little different in your initial resources are limited and they do tend to limit the amount of home you can buy, even if you can qualify for more. All that aside, should you choose to use Government Assistance, keep in mind the following:

So, given we've jumped through the Government hoops, lets suppose two different scenarios. One using Government Assistance only. The other using a combination of Government Assistance and Gift Funds.

Government Only:

A buyer finds a home for $100,000.00. They qualify for $3500.00 in Government Assistance. The Realtor® negotiate 4% in seller concessions. Here is how this transaction will break down:

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How To Save A Down Payment

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