Keeping 6% Commission

If you decide to buy a home without a Realtor®, this is the only time we would suggest you consider a Real Estate Attorney. The cost difference makes it well worth it, and you can know with confidence that the Attorney is actually working for you! This is especially so when the seller is paying 6% towards your closing costs.

If you have plenty of funds for a down payment and closing costs, well then, your options are wide open and none of this matters other than the fact you might be able to KEEP 6% in the bank rather than spend it on closing costs.

If you need help from the seller for your down payment and/or closing costs, then you have a very serious decision to make concerning how you will in fact buy your home.

If you’re asking for closing costs only, then using a Real Estate agent in your transaction should present only a minor obstacle to getting a seller concession on closing costs. However, if you need down payment help from the seller as well, we recommend purchasing a home for sale by owner where no Realtor® is involved. This way, you are only asking the seller to give up 3% more than they would have had they listed the property with a Realtor®.


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