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Choosing the right mortgage lender is the most important decision you can make when buying a home.   Making this choice is even more important when using down payment assistance Tools For Down Payment Helpof any type.  You’re in a balancing act between your cost vs your loan needs and this rule applies whether you’re a first time home buyer or not.

When seeking down payment assistance, an experienced mortgage lender can be a valuable asset to help you obtain the assistance you need.  Each down payment assistance program has it’s own set of requirements to qualify, and part of this relates to the type of mortgage you can use.

Did you know, not all down payment programs are created equal. This means, if you’re doing an FHA Loan, your assistance program must be approved by HUD and the investor as an acceptable down payment source. Acceptance varies by program and investor!

We would be happy to help you find the best mortgage lender in your location to help assist you.  They can help you understand what your loan options are, and also what local down payment assistance programs you may qualify for. Their expertise and experience with all of the programs available will put you one step closer to being a home owner!

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