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  • Plumbing Supplies – It’s bound to happen at some point. A faucet breaks, maybe a pipe bursts or a valve sticks closed. Whatever the case, you need to find a solution quickly. While many of us are forced to go down to the local “Big Box Store”to find a solution, many more just assume order the products online than fight traffic and spend half the day looking for just the right part, because the “We don’t carry that” answer is always just around the corner. Save time, save frustration and don’t put yourself at risk of the crazy drivers who could care less you are in the next lane when they move over. Besides, who wants to miss half a days work just to find the right valve or pay a professional the crazy prices they want to charge for a 30 minute job milked into an all day affair – because they didn’t have the part either. So, check out Dickson Supply for all your home repair project tools and part. Save time, save money and most of all, save the aggravation for your neighbors dog barking at 4 AM that never fails to keep you awake even with ear muffs.

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