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  • Furniture Restoration – Home decoration is one of the best benefits of home ownership. Making a statement about you, your personality and your own personal tastes. One of the great venues for expression is antique furniture. Not only is it a terrific long term investment, the proper restoration of these pieces can be a truly remarkable hobby full of pride, enjoyment and great personal satisfaction. Contrary to the typical train of thought, antique furniture restoration can be a low cost short and long term alternative to purchasing new furniture of a much lower quality. Historically, older furniture was made of solids and used select veneers as accent to a piece. Today’s furniture, even high cost pieces, use cheap solids covered in veneers to add the appearance of solids or worse, press board and pressed paper covered with veneers to create the impression of quality solids. In many instances the average consumer simply cannot distinguish between a true quality piece and a piece of furniture that is mass produced for effect. A furniture salesman intent on a commission is simply not going to give the whole truth unless asked for. Decorate your home in quality antiques and they will last you a lifetime of new homes.

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