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  • Lawn Sprinklers – If you want to maintain the a lush and green lawn, it starts with a sprinkler system built around your climate. To much water is unhealthy for your lawn and can cause many problems from fungus to root rot. To little water will rob your turf of the nutrients it needs to grow a healthy root network and its ability to absorb the nutrients within the soil. Irrigation systems can be created to handle not just your lawn needs, but also set up to properly irrigate your surrounding accented landscaping from shrubs to trees. You can either set up your own sprinkler system (don’t forget to check with your city or county for permitting requirements – and HOA for any other requirements – before beginning) or you can hire a professional contract to install this system. They typically are low cost to maintain and can add a great deal of value to your home when it comes time to sell in curb appeal alone.

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