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  • Cleaner Drinking Water – I don’t know about you, but when my water started smelling funny, and the county went from treating our drinking water with chlorine to chloramine – an additive that takes twice as much chemical to remove in preparation for the old fish tank – I began having serious misgivings about drinking, much less cooking with, good old straight from the tap, water. If the average consumer had actually been to a water treatment plant and seen the process and what goes in and out, or worse, seen the inside of the pipes the “Fresh Water” you drink is delivered through, you’d have second thought about it as well. To protect yourself and your family, you may want to add a water filtration system to your home. It’s like drinking bottled water, only better because it cost pennies a gallon and you don’t have to lug those 5 gallon containers from the grocery store anymore. Most of us will not only be able to taste the difference in your drinking water, but in the quality of how your food prepared with water tastes. Check out this great site for information and products that can help you take out what your local water authority puts in.

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