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If you have found yourself with buyer after buyer being unable to close, our site sponsors and Local Partners may offer you the best solution to sell your home and do so at your asking price or even more. From first time home buyer programs to basic charity down payment assistance programs, this site could be the solution to your problems.

Whether selling your home “By Owner” or via a Real Estate Agent, by using our sponsor Lender/Broker and Realtor® resources, you provide your buyer with prescreened quality loan sources that are reputable and knowledgeable. Most importantly, we believe the loan will close.

Our Lender/Broker/Realtor® sponsors may not need to use our content. However, we believe they offer the highest probability of success with your potential buyers. They can actually pre screen your prospective buyers for you, typically within 24 hours from inquiry, without tying you up in a contract that simply won’t close.

Just think of the time you will save and the frustration you will avoid. The cost to you? Nothing. To the prospective borrower? Nothing. To the sponsor Lender/Broker? Their time and the credit report. It’s simply a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.

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