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District of Columbia Home Buyer Resources

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Homeownership Opportunities

DHCD provides a number of incentives to individuals who buy houses in the District and to developers who build housing for low and moderate income buyers. For information on any of these programs, Ask the Director or call (202) 442-7200.

DC Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAHP)
The DC Employer Assisted Housing program provides grants and deferred loans of up to $11,500 to employees of the District of Columbia government who are first-time homebuyers in Washington, DC.

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DC Metropolitan Police Housing Assistance Program
The DC Metropolitan Police Housing Assistance program provides up to $10,000 in deferred loans for down payment and closing cost assistance to members of the Metropolitan Police Department. The program also provides tax incentives in the form of income tax credits and real property tax abatements.

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First Right Purchase Assistance Program
The First Right Purchase program provides direct short-term and permanent financing loans to low-moderate income individuals and tenant groups to exercise their rights under the District's Right of First refusal law. Loans to tenant groups may be used for earnest money deposits, actual purchase of property, initial operating costs, or for "soft costs" such as legal, architectural, engineering, and other technical services related to the purchase of a property. First Right Purchase loans may be converted to or used to provide permanent financing.

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Handicapped Access Improvements Program
The Handicapped Access Improvements program provides assistance to install improvements necessary to provide barrier-free living environments in houses occupied by individuals with physical disabilities.

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Home Purchase Assistance Program
The Home Purchase Assistance program provides interest-free and low-interest loans to qualified residents, which enables them to purchase houses, condominiums, or cooperative apartments. Residents who are accepted into the three-tiered program are eligible for loans to meet down payment and closing cost requirements. The loan amounts are based on a combination of factors, including income, household size, and the amount of assets that each applicant must commit toward a property's purchase price. Loans provided are subordinate to private first trust mortgages.

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Homeownership Developers Incentive Fund
The Homeownership Developers Incentive Fund program provides grants to Community Development Corporations and other nonprofit development entities to help lower the cost of units developed by nonprofits so the units are affordable to low and moderate-income purchasers.

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Homestead Housing Preservation Program
The Homestead Housing Preservation program enables first-time homebuyers to purchase tax delinquent real properties and Department of Housing and Community Development foreclosures for as little as $250 per unit. In exchange, the homebuyer must complete a homeownership training course, rehabilitate the property, reside in the property for a minimum of five years, and return it to the real property tax rolls. Low and moderate-income participants receive a $10,000 deferred mortgage to assist them with gap financing.

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Single Famntial Rehabilitation Program
The Single Family Residential Rehabilitation program is a source of low-cost financing for the rehabilitation of 1-4 unit residential housing, which is either owner-occupied or investor-owned and located primarily in designated Community Development Areas and Enterprise Communities. The program provides low-interest, amortized loans for up to 20 years, depending on the financial circumstances of the borrower and the amount of rehabilitation required to correct code deficiencies.

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Senior Citizen Home Repair and Improvement Program
The Senior Citizen Home Repair and Improvement program provides deferred loans to elderly homeowners to make emergency home repairs for housing deficiencies that threaten their health and safety.

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