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Nicholette of Colorado:

“This is a wonderful site. I am so glad I had found it. I was hopeing to be able to buy a home this year and with this assistance that I can find at this site I think that it just may be possible for me to do it. Thank so much for makeing this site and keeping it free. Every other site I have seen for finding gov. grants you have to pay fees of up to $100! Thank you again for providing this invaluable service.”

Allison of Indiana:

“This site is very helpful. I do not recommend any changes at this time. Great that it is FREE!!!!”

Nikki of North Carolina:

“This site is excellent. It tells me all I need to know without focusing on selling me anything or adding information or advertisements that are not necessary. Thanks for keeping it straight foward!”

S. Saunders of Minnesota:

Down Payment Solutions is absolutely awesome! I stumbled upon it, after visiting a few helpless/confusing sites before hand. I appreciate the profitable advice and pointers provided on this site. For anyone who is looking into purchasing a home and has no idea where to start or who to talk to, Down Payment Solutions can be very valuable. Thanks for helping ~

S. Sanders

Jac of Arizona:

Your site is very helpful! I am an agent and was looking for information for a buyer to read and help him get his first home…..I am certain that this will help us get him additional funds…it will also help me in the future with other 1st time buyers.

Traci of Ohio:

I’m definitely going to pass this information on because a lot of people do not know of these grants. Thank you for this site because it’s helping me in the direction I need to go to purchase my first home for me and my son. And that is very hard to do as a young person. Thank you again.

Darlene of Maryland:

I just wanted to say, this site is very informational and I will be adding it to my web page for my clients to see.

Patrina of New Hampshire:

First I’d like to say that your site offers a wealth of information. I am a former newspaper journalist and thought I knew how to hhelp folks obtain relevant resources. But, you have exceeded my expectations. One stop shopping for potential homeowners.

Kimmerly of Virginia:

I think the site is great. It answers a lot of questions. Things that people fail to tell you about.

Lanalle of New York:

I have been reviewing this site for a couple of days now. What I have seen so far is invaluable information and I can’t wait to check out all of the resources. Thank you so much for doing this site. It is a jewel.

Eddy of New York:

ALOT of useful information and there is no better way to learn and protect yourself when buying a home for the first time.

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